2022 Highlights

This year, Every Texan continued our critical work in key policy areas to ensure all Texans are healthy, educated, and positioned to socially and economically thrive.

As we look ahead to the 88th Legislative Session, we’re also reflecting on everything we’ve achieved this year — and where our policy areas currently stand. We are bracing for a tough session in 2023, and we will make sure our elected leaders remember all Texans deserve the very best this state has to offer.

Health & Food Justice

No Texan should go hungry. Texans deserve quality health care for our loved ones and ourselves, regardless of race, gender, religion, or where we call home.


Regardless of where we come from, what we look like, or where we live, every Texan deserves access to an accurate, honest, fully-funded public education and affordable higher education opportunities.

Worker Power

This year, Every Texan expanded our research, policy, and advocacy work to include a specific focus on building worker power. Everyone — no matter our race, gender, or where we come from — deserves dignity, humanity, and the opportunity to pursue our dreams. Worker power balances our economy and ensures working Texans share in the prosperity their labor creates.

Fair Taxation

A state budget and tax system that is equitable, adequate, and responsive to its growing population and needs supports a more prosperous future for all Texans, regardless of race, place, or background.

Research & Data

Every Texan explores data for potential solutions to everyday problems — and we make that data accessible to everyone, from policymakers to concerned Texans.

Get ready for session with Every Texan!

During the 88th Legislative Session, we're focusing on policies that enable Texans of all backgrounds to thrive.

Our 2023 legislative agenda focuses on six key policy areas where some of the largest disparities for Texans exist: Health Care, Food Security, Education, Worker Power and Supporting Families, Fair Taxation, and Voting Rights. Addressing these policy areas will benefit all Texans, regardless of race, class, gender, immigration status, or any other factor, and create a stronger community, workforce, and economy in Texas.

Every Texan's Strategic Plan, 2022-2027

Every Texan is part of an ecosystem of advocacy organizations across Texas with a shared vision of a state where every Texan can thrive. We collaborate with our partners to build power and leadership alongside communities of color and people with low incomes. Regardless of race, gender, background, or what zip code is home, we believe all Texans have the power of voice and action to improve our daily lives and conditions.