Equity & Inequality

Every Texan’s commitment to equity, with a focus on race and class, is part of the legacy and values handed down from our founders, The Benedictine Sisters of Boerne, Texas.

At Every Texan, equity means that policies, procedures, programs, and the distribution of resources account for the varied histories, challenges, and needs of the people we serve. Equity differs from equality, which treats everyone the same despite disparate life outcomes. In Texas, where the population is majority people of color, racial disparities remain deep and pervasive across indicators. Racial equity is achieved when race does not determine or predict a person’s life outcomes. 

Opportunities to advance equity exist both internally across Every Texan’s operations and programming and externally in the public policy the organization seeks to influence. 

Read our full Approach to Advancing Equity as part of our Strategic Plan here.


When Texas children are safe, healthy, and educated, Texas thrives. Ensuring that kids do well today ensures that we all do well tomorrow.

Low-Income Texans

For too many Texas households, working a full-time job is no longer enough to support a family and provide security in retirement.

People of Color & Race Equity

Every Texan deserves the chance to compete and succeed in life. But historical policies have created barriers for people based on their race or ethnicity.


Texas has a strong tradition of embracing immigrant culture, and immigrants have long played a leading role in our state’s economic success.

Women & Gender Equality

Even when women—especially women of color—work hard, have higher educational attainment, and get a good job, there are still vast differences in pay and the ability to build long-term economic security.

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Your Support Makes a Difference

We believe Texas can be the best state in the United States, and our public policy work is an indispensable part of getting there. Your support improves equity in health care, food security, education, and financial stability.