Worker Power & Thriving Families

Worker Power

Unions increase income equality and strengthen our democracy.

There’s more that unites Texans than divides us. Regardless of where we’re from, all Texans deserve dignified wages and a fair shot to provide a quality life for their families. 

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Equity in Focus

Nationally, wealth inequality is the greatest since WWII, and the wealth gap between wealthy and middle- to lower-income families is sharply rising. As far as income inequality, Texas consistently ranks in the top 11 worst states. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) shows the top 1% of the wealthiest Texans have an average income of $1.3 million compared to the rest of us, who have an average income of $56,000. This means the top 1% of income earners make 24 times more than the bottom 99%.


No matter our race, gender, or place, Texans deserve dignified jobs that support thriving individuals and families. We raise the bar for every Texan living in our state when workers of all backgrounds earn living wages, experience safe working conditions, and access essential benefits like affordable health care coverage and paid family, medical, and sick leaves. 

Building worker power will balance wealthy corporations’ unfair advantage over we the people. Worker power ensures everyday Texans share in the prosperity their labor createsEvery Texan is proud to partner with unions, worker centers, and other labor allies to make Texas’ economy fair. 

Our Staff

Amanda Posson

Senior Policy Analyst

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