Equity & Inequality


1 in 3 Texas kids live with at least one parent who is an immigrant.

In the current environment of hostility toward refugees and immigrants, the work of Every Texan is especially important.


Texas has a strong tradition of embracing immigrant culture, and immigrants have long played a leading role in our state’s economic success. 

One out of every six Texans is an immigrant. We should welcome newcomers to our state, as it is the Texan thing to do. Immigrants also add billions to the state economy and should be encouraged to set up in Texas. Every Texan is committed to working with our partners to protect pathways to opportunity for immigrants in Texas.

We advocate for immigrant access to health care and against restrictions, and provide technical expertise to elected officials, health care providers, and stakeholders. We also educate policymakers and the public on sensible immigration policies, and work with partners to build momentum to advance good policies and block bad ones.

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