Equity & Inequality

Women & Gender Equality

Women in Texas have median annual earnings of 79.6 cents on the dollar compared with men.


Even when women—especially women of color—work hard, have higher educational attainment, and get a good job, there are still vast differences in pay and the ability to build long-term economic security. Hard work is important, but it’s not a panacea for the societal and structural barriers our choices have put in place, such as cutting funding for women’s health care and the implicit biases that contribute to the gender wage gap.

Much of our work with regards to women and gender equity centers around housing, child care, education, and health care for women. We also examine how our policies and practices regarding gender and racial/ethnic equality, empowerment, inclusion, and integrity can either enhance or create disparities in women’s economic security outcomes and propose solutions aimed at shrinking gender gaps in all of our policy areas.

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