Equity & Inequality

People of Color & Race Equity

The median income is 39% less for Black households than White households in Texas.

Every Texan deserves the chance to compete and succeed in life. But historical policies have created barriers for people based on their race or ethnicity.


Current policies often perpetuate these barriers, which have led to disproportionately worse outcomes for Texans in many areas including education, health, and opportunities to build financial security. 

Given the deep and long-standing racial and ethnic disparities embedded in the policy issues on which Every Texan works, we must proactively challenge the patterns of inequality and exclusion in our systems, institutions, and policies. If we are to achieve our vision of expanding opportunity for every Texan, we must directly confront the systems that create differential outcomes by race and ethnicity and ensure that public policy advances racial equity. 

We work both internally and externally to promote racial equity. Our role at Every Texan is to:

  • Incorporate racial equity as a cornerstone in our research, analysis, and policy development work in order to promote policy solutions that help ensure all Texans are healthy, well-educated, and financially secure;
  • Strengthen knowledge, skills, attitudes, and individual personal understanding to address inequities based on race, both internally and in our external work;
  • Explicitly promote racial equity in our organization’s human resources, management, governance, and practices; and 
  • Partner strategically with other organizations and stakeholders to challenge racial and ethnic inequity
Read our full statement on our commitment to racial equity here

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