At the Texas Legislature

During the 88th Legislative Session, we focused on policies that enable Texans of all backgrounds to thrive.

Our 2023 legislative agenda focused on six key policy areas where some of the largest disparities for Texans exist: Health Care, Food Security, Education, Worker Power and Supporting Families, Fair Taxation, and Voting Rights. Addressing these policy areas will benefit all Texans, regardless of race, class, gender, immigration status, or any other factor, and create a stronger community, workforce, and economy in Texas.

88th Legislative Session Recap: Missed Opportunities for Restorative Change

Texans of all backgrounds, regardless of how we look or where we call home, are worth a fair shot at reaching our full potential. When we provide Texans with equal access to well-funded public education, affordable health care, and dignified jobs, we create a state where everyone does well. Unfortunately, the Texas Legislature failed to take advantage of a huge chance to ensure that we all prosper together.


How Can I Make My Voice Heard in Texas?

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