Health Care

Affordability & Medical Debt

When you face a medical emergency, the last thing you want to think about is how to pay for it. Unfortunately, when people can’t pay their medical bills, costs turn into mounting medical debt that compromises patients’ health and financial security, harms their credit scores, and can even limit their housing and job opportunities. We seek public policy changes to make affordable, comprehensive care and financial security from medical debt a reality for all Texans.

Medical Debt

Medical debt is debt incurred from medical expenses that patients are unable to pay in full. One in four Texas consumers have medical debt on their credit report.

Surprise Medical Billing

Surprise medical bills happen when insurers and doctors or other health care providers – fighting over prices – jointly pass the buck to a patient, who received out-of-network health care unknowingly.

Your Support Makes a Difference

We believe Texas can be the best state in the United States, and our public policy work is an indispensable part of getting there. Your support improves equity in health care, food security, education, and financial stability.