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Where the Money Comes From

For Texans to thrive, we need a state government committed to investing in public and higher education, good jobs, and affordable health care. As a founding member of the State Priorities Partnership, Every Texan has analysts with decades of experience advocating for policy and revenue solutions to make those investments possible. Yet the current political climate champions a model of economic growth and a conservative ideology based on limited government, low spending and self-sufficiency that has failed to improve the well-being of the majority of families. We believe that now is the time for Texas to have a proactive revenue and budget agenda that defines people as the force behind statewide prosperity.

Every Texan seeks to:
  • Strengthen oversight and transparency of economic development tax incentives to ensure public accountability of resources.
  • Improve the fairness of the property appraisal process by requiring assessment of all property at full market value so that all Texans pay their fair share.
  • Prevent new state revenue cuts or diversions that undermine access to a quality education, health care, basic services and anti-poverty programs.
  • Reject tighter, arbitrary state or local spending or revenue caps that weaken the ability of elected officials to meet the needs of their constituents and communities.

State Taxes

Our quality of life depends on our public structures—including public education, health services, and transportation infrastructure—maintained by Texas tax dollars. Click to learn more about State Taxes.

Property Taxes

Property taxes account for half of all state and local taxes paid in Texas. Click to learn more about Property Taxes.

Tax Fairness

Without a fair and adequate tax system, the state’s ability to invest in schools, public safety, roads, and other public services will continually become more difficult. Click to learn more about Tax Fairness.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

In the search for new sources of state revenue to fund the much-needed remodeling of our school finance system, many observers have looked to tax exemptions and other tax breaks that reduce our state’s ability to maintain public services. But finding new revenue simply by repealing exemptions is not as simple as it looks. Click to learn more about Tax Breaks & Incentives.

Economic Stabilization Fund

Often called the Rainy Day Fund, the Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF) functions like a savings account for the state of Texas, created to prevent or reduce sudden massive cuts to schools, health care and other state services. Click to learn more about the ESF.

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We believe Texas can be the best state in the United States, and our public policy work is an indispensable part of getting there. Your support improves equity in health care, food security, education, and financial stability.