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At Every Texan, we work actively to shift power from the powerful few to everyday Texans of all backgrounds.

We identify our policy priorities in direct collaboration with you, the communities most affected by policies enacted by the Legislature. To strengthen public policy and achieve the most equitable policy outcomes, we listen and we ensure the communities, coalitions, and campaigns we engage with are well-resourced and organized. We leverage our expertise and resources to support effectiveness and success.


At the Texas Legislature

At Every Texan, we use data and analysis to advocate for bold, research-driven legislative priorities that expand opportunity for Texans of all backgrounds. For over 37 years, we have served as a trusted source of information for organizations, leaders, and everyday Texans advocating for public policy and racial equity at the Legislature. 


Join us in making a Texas where everyone is healthy, well-educated, and financially secure. Together, we create public policy solutions to achieve our vision. Social justice requires public policy and you

Show Up

Every Texan hosts a number of events every year to educate and engage the community on the issues that matter. Find out more about our events, and sign up for our emails to hear about our latest work!

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Our experts are available to speak at a variety of events on all of our policy areas.