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Many members of our Texas community face unfair barriers to attaining a secure, healthy life. Help us narrow the gaps and give our children and grandchildren security and happiness by taking action.

Every Texan could not do the groundbreaking work we do without the support of our community. By partnering with us through donations, events, and advocacy, you personally contribute to improving the lives of every Texan. As an independent nonprofit public policy organization, we work at the local, state, and federal level to ensure health and wellness, expand economic opportunity, and invest in our great state.

Your continued support will provide vital capacity for Every Texan to achieve our goals. Thank you for sharing our passion for making Texas the best it can be.

Current Projects

We focus on policies that will enable Texans of all backgrounds to thrive.

We are constantly expanding our capabilities to support our partners in the advocacy community, using more digital tools to activate Texans from all backgrounds to participate in the policymaking process.

It will take all of us, working together, to make this a state where people from all backgrounds can thrive.

Texas can’t recover if Texans aren’t covered! Expanding Medicaid for Texans who can’t afford insurance  could help over 2 million Texans get coverage, save rural hospitals, and protect the health of our communities. Join the #SickOfItTX campaign to be part of the movement for Medicaid expansion and health care access in Texas!

We need our leaders to care for us and choose fairness in our tax code — and in our lives. It’s overdue for the wealthy few and corporations to pay their fair contribution to make Texas better for everyone, no exceptions. The Texas Legislature is considering extending the Chapter 313 school property tax abatement program. This means our state dedicates fewer resources to fund our future and ensure our families can thrive. Call or email your Representative now and demand that they fund our future!

While safe access to the capitol and testifying at hearings is more challenging this session, Every Texan is committed to amplifying the voices of Texans from around the state. Record a short video and tell us your story today!

Driver’s licenses help keep everyone safe, but Texas’ strict and burdensome requirements make it hard for many immigrants, U.S. citizens and lawfully present residents to secure a license. Now more than ever, we need to make sure everyone can stay safe on the roads while they care for neighbors and their families during the pandemic. In order to do that, it is critical that all Texans have the opportunity to obtain a valid driver’s permit.

At the Texas Legislature

We love Texas and believe it can be the best state in the United States, but we are falling short in many ways. We believe government has an important role to play in crafting public policy that improves people’s lives. Every Texan is here to support data-driven policymaking that improves the lives of Texans of all backgrounds. City officials, county judges and state lawmakers rely on Every Texan for clear, accurate numbers and solutions as they tackle challenges in our communities.


Join us in making a Texas where everyone is healthy, well-educated, and financially secure. Together, we create public policy solutions to achieve our vision. Social justice requires public policy and you

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Every Texan hosts a number of events every year to educate and engage the community on the issues that matter. Find out more about our events, and sign up for our emails to hear about our latest work!

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