Social Justice Requires Public Policy

We strengthen public policy to expand opportunity and equity for Texans of all backgrounds.

Policy Areas

We focus on policies that will enable Texans of all backgrounds to thrive.

Today, we prioritize policies that will measurably improve equity in and access to health care, food security, education, and financial security.

We expose unfair barriers faced by people of color, low-income Texans, immigrants, women, children, and other disenfranchised populations. We work alongside community leaders to advance equitable policy solutions. As people and conditions change and evolve, we adjust the focus of our work to support our vision for Texas.

health care

Health Care

Access to quality, affordable health care for every Texan is at the core of our mission. We work to protect and improve access to high-quality public and private insurance, mental health care, and basic health needs for Texans of all backgrounds.

food security

Food Security

Texas is one of the hungriest states in the nation, but public policy can help change that. We are dedicated to achieving food security for every Texan.



One of the biggest challenges facing Texas families is the lack of career and college readiness for students. To increase post-secondary access and success, Texas must build a more durable pipeline across our educational and workforce systems to prepare Texans for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

jobs and wages

Jobs & Financial Security

Many Texans experience poverty because their work pays too little to raise a family out of poverty. To ensure economic prosperity, Texas public policy must support workers, make employers pay livable wages, and prioritize health and wellness over profit alone.

budget and taxes

Budget & Taxes

Texas needs a budget and tax system that is equitable, adequate, and responsive to our state’s growing population and needs. The ability to invest in public services that will build a more prosperous future for every Texan relies on the ability of our tax system to support those services.

poverty and equity

Equity & Inequality

The wealth gaps in Texas keep poverty rates high, especially when the state doesn’t prioritize assistance to Texans in poverty or increasing equity for Texans of all backgrounds. Our public policies must guarantee equitable access to services that allow us all to thrive.

Toward an Equitable Economic Recovery for Every Texan

New Equitable Recovery Report

In Texas, opportunity isn’t the same for everyone – despite our state’s wealth. Texans are working hard to support their families and contribute to our state, but millions lack access to affordable health care, healthy food, a quality education, and good jobs. Policies that favor profits over people created these systemic gaps, which left Texans more vulnerable when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

We’re proud to share our new report, Toward an Equitable Economic Recovery for Every Texan.

About Us

Since its founding in 1985, Every Texan (formerly the Center for Public Policy Priorities – CPPP) has expanded opportunity and equity for Texans of all backgrounds. Based in Austin, Texas, Every Texan is a nonprofit organization that researches, analyzes, and advocates for public policies to expand equitable access to quality health care, food security, education, and good jobs.

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Social justice requires public policy. You can power policies that expand opportunity and equity for every Texan.

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