Join us in the fight for a better Texas.

We push for system-wide solutions that reduce inequity and build a state where everyone can thrive. Too many Texans struggle to feed their families, see the doctor, or make ends meet. Regardless of background or zip code, we believe all Texans deserve better. 

As a multi-issue organization, we are uniquely positioned to make connections across policy silos and lead the way to a Texas where everyone can reach their full potential. 

Thanks to your investment, Every Texan has been able to...

Defeat bills targeting immigrant communities and youth while exposing wasteful spending on militarizing the border.


Defeat school vouchers and protect state investment in public schools.

Collaborate with partners on passing bills that improve access to Medicaid, SNAP, and Parental Leave for State Employees.

Collect testimony through community engagement activities during session and equip communities with power-building resources.