Quality Education

One of the biggest challenges facing the Texas economy is the lack of career and college readiness for adults and K-12 students. To increase post-secondary access and success, Texas must build a more durable pipeline across our educational and workforce systems to prepare Texans for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Equity in Focus

A growing number of students in Texas are people of color who come from low-income backgrounds. Such demographic shifts will require more state investment in higher education. As more first-generation college students and more students from low-income backgrounds enter higher education, colleges will need more resources to provide those students with the necessary supports to ensure they can be as successful as their peers who have had lifelong access to increased resources.

Early Childhood & Pre-K

Helping kids start school ready to learn is one of the best ways to ensure all Texans have the chance to compete and succeed in life. Click for more about Pre-K and early childhood programs.

K-12 Public Education

Education is the bedrock of an informed democracy and the bridge to lifelong opportunities. Click for more about school finance in K-12 public education.

Higher Education

To increase higher education access, Texas must build a pipeline across our educational and workforce systems to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. Click for more about access, affordability, and nontraditional students in higher education.

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