Research & Data

Every Texan is known for practical, data-driven policy solutions. We use high-quality data collected from credible sources, analyzed by our team of experts. We explore data for potential solutions to everyday problems — and we make that data accessible to everyone, from policymakers to concerned Texans. Our goal is to help you visualize and quantify the effects that current policies have and why we need to improve them. 

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Some examples of our data work include: 

  • Working With Cities: Our team has experience working with municipalities on data and equity projects, including the City of Dallas’s Equity Indicators, which are designed to measure equity, or the fairness and justice in outcomes for and treatment of groups of people, across five thematic areas. Read the report here.

  • Working With Partners: Our team provided data and research support for the Texas Women’s Foundation’s Economic Issues for Women in Texas 2022 report. The report highlights data across four areas (child care, housing, education and health insurance).

  • Tracking Child Well-Being: Our team produces annual report on the status of Texas’s children, with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and local partners, including Methodist Healthcare Ministries. You can find our 2021 Texas Kids Count Dashboard here.

  • Making Data Accessible: The Research and Data produces timely and relevant data briefs, disaggregating and analyzing data for partners, community members, and policymakers to access and use for their work. Some of the data briefs utilize data from U.S. Census surveys such as the American Community Survey and provide insights about Hispanic/Latinos in TexasIndigenous People of Texas, and more.

Every Texan Demographics & More Dashboard

The Every Texan Demographics & More Dashboard provides timely data about Texas’s populations including socioeconomic, health access, education, and other demographic breakdowns. The dashboard utilized data from the U.S. Census and other reliable sources. For questions about the dashboard, please contact the Research and Data team at

Recent Research & Data Work

The KIDS COUNT Data Center shows how kids are faring on over 70 different measures of child well-being. You can observe changes over time, create maps and graphs, compare your location to others, and obtain data for grant proposals from trusted data sources. Indicators include: 

  • Economic well-being
  • Education
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Demographics by age, gender, race and ethnicity
  • And more!

Contact the Research & Data Team

Do you represent a community foundation, service provider, or other entity looking to use data to inform your work? Partner with the policy experts at Every Texan to benefit from our rigorous data analysis, advocacy, and communication services. We are available for hire for contract or grant-funded projects that will help you make informed decisions.

To propose a project, please email Research & Data Director Coda Rayo-Garza at