Our State. Our Voice. Our Future.

In Texas, there’s more that unites us than divides us.

Regardless of our race, gender, or socioeconomic status, Texans of all backgrounds know our worth. We are worth a quality public education, affordable health care, dignified jobs, and a fair shot at prosperity. Since 1985, Every Texan has engaged in research, policy analysis, and advocacy to increase equity and opportunity for Texans of all backgrounds. Our "why" has always been Texans.

Our state’s greatest resource is our people, and our policymaking should reflect that. For too long, the elite few have ignored the needs of everyday Texans and made decisions that do not align with our values. They choose not to invest in our people, which impacts our families, communities, and state. It hurts our future.

We are changing that. When Texans come together, we make our voices heard. It’s time to demand policy solutions that work for every Texan.

Let's create a state budget that invests in our communities and reflects our shared values.

We’re known for our fact-based research and policy analysis. To strengthen our work, we’re thinking Texas big and putting our state's greatest resource at the center – YOU.
The People’s Budget is a coordinated strategy to create a state policy roadmap that focuses on community investments that the State of Texas can make for the people of Texas.
We, the people, believe:

Together, we will lift Texas from having the highest uninsured rate in the nation to being the number one state for quality, affordable health care. Texas families should never struggle to receive or keep their health coverage. We’re worth more than forgoing needed care, struggling to pay medical bills, and navigating other barriers that make it hard for us to access care. We are worth comprehensive health coverage that is accessible, affordable, and affirming. Together, we must demand that leaders across Texas fund our health care system so all Texans are healthy and cared for.

In Texas, no one should ever go hungry. Every Texan is worthy of access to secure, accessible, and nutritious foods for ourselves and our families. Together, we will break down barriers that keep Texans from accessing food. We are worth access to quality, nutritious food and well-funded, accessible programs that help Texans feed themselves and their families. 

From Lubbock to Houston, from Uvalde to El Paso, every child in Texas deserves the freedom to learn and pursue their dreams. Together, we will demand that every child in Texas has access to accurate, safe, supportive, and fully funded schools. Texas wins when every student has access to a public education that prepares them for civic engagement and post-secondary success. As Texans, we demand every child receives a quality, honest and safe education, no matter where they call home.

Texans across race, place, and background are worthy of the opportunity to pursue quality higher education and postsecondary opportunities. All students must be free to learn through a world-class education grounded in truth, facts and diverse perspectives. When every Texas student has access to a public education that prepares them for civic engagement and post-secondary success, the whole state prospers. Our leaders must ensure students have access to accurate, honest, supportive, and fully funded schools.

No matter our race, gender, or place, Texans deserve dignified jobs that support thriving individuals and families. We raise the bar for every Texan living in our state when workers of all backgrounds earn living wages, experience safe working conditions, and access essential benefits like affordable health care coverage and paid family, medical, and sick leaves. Building worker power will balance the unfair advantage wealthy corporations hold over us — the people. Everyday Texans deserve to share in the prosperity their labor creates so we can thrive together. 

The Texas tax system is upside down: the wealthiest pay the least percentage of their income, while working families pay the highest percentage of their income. When we work together, we can hold accountable the powerful elected officials for prioritizing their wealthy friends over everyday Texans. 

When we join together as voters, we can elect leaders who know our worth and chart a better future where every Texan has the freedom to thrive. We must ensure every Texan is heard and counted.

If you agree, sign the pledge!

Stand with us to demand accountability around the use of our tax dollars and investments in our collective well-being. Sign the pledge and we will be in touch with more information and ways to take action.
The state budget should work for all of us – no exceptions. Texans of all backgrounds are working together to take back our state budget from corporations and politicians. Our state. Our voice. Our Budget. Join us!

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