Our State. Our Voice. Our Future.

In Texas, there’s more that unites us than divides us.

Regardless of our race or socioeconomic status, Texans want a strong public education, affordable health care, a dignified home, and good jobs. Since 1985, Every Texan has engaged in research, policy analysis, and advocacy to increase equity and opportunity for Texans of all backgrounds at the state capitol and in our communities. Our many friends, donors, and partners value our work because they know social justice requires public policy.
Our state’s greatest resource is our people and policymaking in our state should reflect that. The elite few in power have not used our state’s budget to adequately invest in our people or our future.

We can change that. The Texas we all deserve is achievable through our people-led power.

When Texans come together, we can make our voices heard and achieve the solutions we need to thrive. Every Texan will advance a policy agenda rooted in racial and gender equity using an all-inclusive, people-centered state policy roadmap – The People’s Budget.
The People’s Budget uses the empirically tested and research-based race-class narrative with proven pro-public investment policy solutions. The People’s Budget vehicle is supported by four key strategies:
The People's Budget aims to establish an all-inclusive, people-centered policy agenda for our state while engaging and mobilizing the power of everyday Texans:

People Power

leverages cross-constituency organizing, including base-building, identifying new partners, and leadership development

Relationship Power

builds alliance among communities, particularly Black, brown, and immigrant organizations, unions, working Texans, and faith- and community-based groups

Narrative Power

shapes public narrative and discourse that actually resonates with audiences that reflect the breadth of diversity in Texas

Governance Power

influences people-first institutional decision-making as a legitimate and credible “force to be reckoned with”

Financial Power

fuels issue-based campaigns that support the policy priorities everyday Texans want and deserve

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