New Report: Prevailing Wages Raise the Bar for Working Families

Read our full report about how prevailing wages benefit all of us here.

Texans, whether Black, brown, or white, are united in our value of fairness. It’s only fair that Texan construction workers earn the wages they deserve for their valuable work. Fortunately, there are research-based ways to raise wages and standards for construction workers on public works projects while simultaneously improving our local economies. Prevailing wage laws require covered government contractors to pay a wage and benefit rate based on similarly employed workers in a given geographic area. 

Research on prevailing wages shows how these policies: 

  • improve worker health, safety, and equality; 
  • build a strong middle class of people of all backgrounds; 
  • build a resilient, skilled workforce; and 
  • provide a thriving local economy for Texans living in the community. 

District, municipal, and city governments in Texas can enforce prevailing wages on their public works projects and simultaneously support more broadly shared prosperity for our communities. Together, we can build a more just and equitable Texas by ensuring the workers building our schools, roads, and public buildings are fairly compensated, safe, and able to contribute to our communities. 

Read our full report here.

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