New Resource: A Parent’s Guide to Public School Funding

This report and blog were co-written by Policy & Advocacy Director Chandra Kring Villanueva and senior Policy Analyst Amanda Posson.

Read and download our full guide “Texas Public School Funding: Recapture Quick Guide for Parents” here.

Texas public school parents, regardless of our race, gender, or family income, care about our children’s schools and teachers. Yet our state’s most powerful elected officials undermine our students and educators by continuously attacking efforts to make education more equitable. Certain elected officials in Texas favor wealthy corporations over our working families and children. To do it, they use our lack of knowledge about the education funding system against us. It’s time to demand better for our students and education workers. We must combat the divide-and-conquer tactics of powerful elected officials and fight for our future. 

Whether from Austin, Edinburgh, or Abilene, Texans must come together to demand our state’s elected officials prioritize well-funded schools this 88th Legislative Session  — we’re worth it! 

This Texas public school funding quick guide is designed for you! Every Texan hopes to answer your important questions about Recapture and how the state legislature can do a better job investing in our children’s futures. 

Check out the recapture parent guide here.

Read and download our full report “Recapture: The Most Misunderstood Aspect of the School Finance System” here.

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