Economic Issues for Women in Texas 2022

Every Texan was pleased to provide the research for the fourth edition of Economic Issues for Women in Texas, a new study by the Texas Women’s Foundation. This 2022 study takes a comprehensive look at four pillars that are fundamental to the financial security of a woman and her family (education, child care, health insurance, and stable housing) and how these pillars were impacted by the pandemic. For example, over 60% of Texas women were in households that had difficulty paying for their usual household expenses during the pandemic. 

The report examines issues especially relevant during a pandemic, including mental health, the cost of caregiving on women, risk of eviction, internet access, access to contraception, and the importance of payment support to women and families across the state. The report also reveals troubling racial and ethnic disparities in access to computers and internet, health insurance coverage, and income. For example, Hispanic/Latina Texas women have over twice the rate for lacking health insurance (28%) compared to white Texas women (10%). Hispanic/Latino and Black Texans were also more likely to be in households that lacked access to computers and internet for educational purposes. Additionally, data from the report show that women that identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender) are more likely to be unemployed, experience food insecurity, lack health insurance, and make less than $24,000 a year compared to non-LGBT women.

The report provides policy recommendations to improve equity by race and gender, such as:

  • raising the state minimum wage;
  • expanding student loan forgiveness programs and canceling a baseline amount of debt;
  • providing affordable child care and housing;
  • increasing access to health insurance;
  • and permanently expanding the Child Tax Credit.

Visit to learn more about the new research, listen to Texan women’s stories, and record your own video sharing your thoughts on different economic issues impacting women across the state!

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