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2021 Texas KIDS COUNT Report

All children deserve the opportunity for a healthy life. In Texas, not all children have the health insurance, food security, and economic security needed for a healthy childhood, due to disparities rooted in systemic racism. Public policy can improve health equity for all Texas children. Policymakers should make practical changes this Legislative Session to ensure all Texas children have the opportunity to thrive.

Every Texan is known for practical, data-driven policy solutions. We use high-quality data collected from credible sources, analyzed by our team of experts. We explore data for potential solutions to everyday problems — and we make that data accessible to everyone, from policymakers to concerned Texans. Our goal is to help you visualize and quantify the effects that current policies have and why we need to improve them. 

Some examples of our data work include: 

  • As one of the handful of Texas organizations with a deep understanding of public school funding formulas, Every Texan has worked closely with leaders from both parties to boost financial support for the 5.4 million Texas students.
  • As the data organization supporting successful efforts to pass paid sick leave ordinances across Texas, Every Texan was honored to help council members, business leaders and advocates evaluate options to create a meaningful paid sick leave policy.
  • Every Texan pioneered the data method used to calculate the effects of surprise medical billing, a method that has now been replicated nationwide.

The KIDS COUNT Data Center shows how kids are faring on over 70 different measures of child well-being. You can observe changes over time, create maps and graphs, compare your location to others, and obtain data for grant proposals from trusted data sources. Indicators include: 

  • Economic well-being
  • Education
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Demographics by age, gender, race and ethnicity
  • And more!


Social justice requires public policy. You can power policies that expand opportunity and equity for every Texan.

Take Action

Make your voice heard by attending our events or showing up at the State Capitol or City Hall equipped with Every Texan's in-depth research on the issues that matter to all of us.

If you are an analyst wishing to donate time and skills to ongoing policy projects, please reach out to or give us a call at (512) 320-0222.

Hire us to help with your data project

Do you represent a community foundation, service provider, or other entity looking to use data to inform your work? Partner with the policy experts at Every Texan to benefit from our rigorous data analysis, advocacy, and communication services. We are available for hire for contract or grant-funded projects that will help you make informed decisions.

To propose a project, please email us at or call 512-320-0222.