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Testimony Opposing SB 1 and HB 3

Every Texas opposes Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 3.  Texas has a longstanding history of secure elections, and efforts by Attorney General Paxton andGovernor

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Testimony Opposing SB 1254

Every Texan opposes SB 1254 for equity, safety, and accountability concerns. Senate Bill 1254 proposes an interstate compact for the purpose of border enforcement of

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Testimony: Fact Sheet on HB 3924 and HB 3752

Eight Texas patient and consumer advocacy organizations urge Texas lawmakers avoid creating unregulated health coverage that can discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. Creating “insurance-like”

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Testimony Supporting HB 4115

Every Texan supports CSHB 4115 by Representative Oliverson, which extends Texas’ surprise medical billing protections to ground ambulances. Texans have benefited for more than a

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Testimony Opposing SB 1091

Every Texan and Texas PACE* oppose Senate Bill 1091. This bill seeks to drastically limit the Top Ten Percent program, which is a critical driver

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Testimony Supporting SB 1914

Every Texan supports HB 1914 by Blanco as it will reduce hunger in Texas by updating the state’s outdated vehicle asset limits for the Supplemental

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Testimony Opposing SB 28

Every Texan opposes SB 28. Texas voters already have too little oversight over of the placement and expansion of charter schools. This bill limits the

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Comments on SB 1138

Every Texan will submit comments on SB 1138 by Hughes. There is concern that the bill misconstrues the fundamental purposes of the programs which it

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Testimony Opposing SB 1341

Every Texan Opposes SB 1341 by Springer. Section 3 of the bill would remove Texas HHSC’s ability to utilize this flexibility of accepting the determination

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