Jaime Puente in The Texas Tribune: The Texas House’s new priority education bill offers concessions to sway voucher skeptics

Every Texan’s Director of Economic Opportunity Jaime Puente was interviewed by The Texas Observer on a reworked HB 1, which includes some concessions to try and sway voucher skeptics.
Read an excerpt below:

Buckley said his new legislation was crafted after receiving input from House colleagues, the governor’s office and education stakeholders. Abbott’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comments on the new bill.

The new version of HB 1 also revolves around education savings accounts, a voucher-like instrument in the form of state-controlled accounts that would give parents access to taxpayer money to pay for private school and other educational expenses.

The new bill proposes a more expanded version of the program. Under Buckley’s previous version of HB 1, only 25,000 Texas students would’ve been able to participate in the program during the 2024-25 school year. Now, every Texas student would be eligible to apply and there would be no enrollment cap. The bill has a system that would prioritize students with disabilities and low income families.

“This one goes full universal from the jump,” said Jaime Puente, director of economic opportunity for Every Texan. “The only limitation for the voucher program under the new version is the appropriation limit.”

Read the full article on The Texas Observer.

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