Chandra Villanueva in ABC13: Spring Branch ISD protests recapture payment to state, urges for more funding

Every Texan’s Director of Policy and Advocacy Chandra Villanueva was interviewed by the ABC 13 in Houston on the recapture process in Texas, after one local school board took a stance against the state. 

Read an excerpt below:

Spring Branch ISD is sending a stern message to the State of Texas. A flag with the words “Come and Take It” can be seen flying over their administration building after the board of trustees voted unanimously not to send the district’s next recapture payment to the state.

Chandra Villanueva with Every Texan, an organization that supports the concept of recapturing, believes the system is working exactly as intended, but said the issue is that state lawmakers are not investing more money into public education.

“If the legislature wanted schools to be able to do all the things that they’re asking of them, (like) pay teachers well and meet all of their standards, we need to look at rising the tide for all ships, and that’s increasing the basic allotment recapture,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva added, “If a recapture district is struggling and saying they’re not able to meet their budgets or give teachers raises, that means every single school district in the state is struggling.”

Villanueva anticipates that a special session will be called in October and hopes that the agenda will include a discussion over increasing funding for public education.

“One thing we do know for sure is (Gov. Abbott) is going to be calling for vouchers, which takes money from public schools and gives it to private schools. So, unfortunately, the leadership of the state does not prioritize public education and has done absolutely nothing to support our schools this legislative session,” she said. “I think it’s time for every Texan across the state to call on their elected officials and ask them to prioritize school funding.”

Read the full article on  ABC 13.

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