Texans of All Backgrounds Value Our Families: Together, We’re Demanding Time to Care for Our Babies

Read our full fact sheet about how every Texan family deserves critical time to care and bond with our babies and adopted children. 

In Texas, we’re known for taking care of one another when the road gets tough. Regardless of what we look like or who we love, we put our families first, no matter what. Despite the religion, race, or composition of our families, Texans of all backgrounds know how important well-supported homes and parenting are to our children’s futures.  

There’s more that unites us than divides us. We can demand that our families and neighbors get what we all deserve! That includes a strong start for every family at birth or adoption, no exceptions — because we know our worth. United and unafraid, we demand that every Texan family gets the critical time we deserve to care for and bond with our newborn babies and adopted children. 

Together, we can put our families first and demand that our state leaders support the values we share for thriving families. Regardless of what our family looks like or where we live, we know that time with our babies and children is crucial, and we also know that parents need time to care for themselves. It’s time to demand paid parental time coverage because we’re worth it — and our children are worth a strong start.

Montana, Wisconsin, Louisiana, and New Jersey are just some of the states that have already passed paid parental leave coverage. Texas, where everything’s bigger and better, can and should be one of them!

United from Alpine to Houston, Amarillo to McAllen, we’re demanding that Every Texan parent gets 12 weeks of paid parental time coverage to bond with and care for their new baby or adopted child. This means parents won’t have to stress about work or money while providing the valuable and important care their baby or child needs to get a strong start in life. 

Take Action:

  1. Call your state elected representatives and ask them to pass the Texas FAMILY Act, HB 2604. We know our families are worth it! Find your state representatives  here.
  2. Share this resource with your family and friends — and ask them to demand invaluable time to care for a newborn baby or adopted child. 

Read the full fact sheet here.

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