New Resource: A Guide to Healthy Adulting for Young Texans

View the full guide here.

In Texas, young adults must often take entry-level, low-paying jobs and are much less likely to receive health insurance from their jobs. Therefore, many Texans ages 18-25 are among those in Texas likely to be uninsured. While many people believe young adults do not need health insurance, a great deal of them report having asthma, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases, in addition to needing reproductive health care. Rent and housing costs also make it difficult to afford healthy food. Overall, the low wages from jobs and the lack of health insurance create challenges when trying to get and pay for the help they need.

All Texans deserve equitable access to health care, no matter our race, gender, or place. But the process of finding health care that addresses critical needs can be especially difficult for young adults establishing their independence. 

We have created “A Guide to Healthy Adulting for Young Texans” to help emerging adults access needed health care. This tool shares ways to get help finding health care coverage here in Texas and how to enroll if you are eligible.

The services are broken down into four categories: Health Care, Reproductive Health Services, Food & Nutrition, and Services Available Regardless of Immigration Status.

The eligibility requirements and sign-up process can be complex. Call 2-1-1 or contact enrollers in your local area for additional help.

View our full Guide to Healthy Adulting for Young Texans here. 

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