Testimony Opposing HB 1886

Every Texan opposes HB 1886 by Noble as it misconstrues the fundamental purposes of the programs which it directs the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) to study.  These programs provide support for basic needs to millions of Texan children each year. Currently, there are more than 4 million children receiving food and/or health care assistance from Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP and/or WIC. Every Texan opposes HB 1886, because it stigmatizes the use of these programs and misconstrues their purpose. With the exception of TANF, these programs do not provide direct cash assistance to families. TANF currently serves fewer than 38,000 Texans, of those, more than 30,000 are children. The primary purpose of these programs is to ensure that working low-income families with children have access to basic needs such as food, health care, a home with running water and electricity, and child care so parents can go to work.

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