Our Policy Road Map for a Just and Equitable Texas

As the July 4 holiday approaches, our work at Every Texan has never been more critical. We are leading on the front lines, with short-term policy solutions to save lives and livelihoods during the pandemic, and a long-term policy road map that helps Texans of all backgrounds thrive. During this devastating pandemic when so many people are hurting, we are trying to respond nimbly while advancing a bold, people-centered policy agenda for our state.

I invite you to read through our policy road map for a just and equitable Texas to see our bold solutions to get us through the pandemic and out to a stronger state for people of all backgrounds.

When we changed our name to Every Texan in May, our long-standing mission remained the same – to make Texas the best state to live in, where Texans of all backgrounds have a fair opportunity to thrive. The COVID-19 crisis threatens our families, neighbors and friends. We still envision a Texas where people of all backgrounds can contribute to and share in the prosperity of our state. We are proven experts in strengthening public policy to expand opportunity and equity for every Texan, and we’re hopeful that — together — we can weather this crisis.

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