As New Commission Prepares to Meet, it’s Time to Take Real Action on Public School Finance

On Tuesday, January 23, the new Texas Commission on Public School Finance will hold its first meeting in Austin.
The Commission has the chance to hold important conversations about how to remodel our state’s public school finance system.

Better funded schools mean:

  • smaller classes with more support from teachers;
  • science labs and updated technology;
  • professional development for teachers;
  • kids more excited about learning

But we can’t fix our school finance system with a study alone. The formulas that we use to fund public schools in our state haven’t been updated in over 30 years. We also need bipartisan will and support among lawmakers to tackle the challenges we face in funding our schools and make overdue investments in public education.
Meaningful school finance reform will only happen if lawmakers come together to make necessary investments in education. The 5.3 million students enrolled in Texas’ public school systems have waited for a solution long enough, and it’s time for our elected officials to take action.
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