Help Stop Health Care Repeal: Call Your Senators Now

We finally know what’s in the secret bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and it’s still bad. The U.S. Senate is expected to vote next week on their disastrous health care repeal bill, which has made a few changes from the House-passed version, but in some critical ways it’s worse.

Key problems in the Senate bill:

  • Cuts Texas Medicaid even more deeply than the House bill. This includes deep cuts to the “traditional” Medicaid program that Texas has, NOT just the ACA Medicaid Expansion.  
  • Makes insurance less affordable, not more, for millions with private insurance by increasing premiums and deductibles, while hitting consumers 40 and older hardest. 
  • Still uses the Medicaid and subsidy cuts to pay for tax cuts for big corporations and high-income households.
  • Offers zero help to lower premiums or deductibles for middle-income families getting little or no subsidy today, and nothing is done to help the majority of Texans who are covered through employment with their high costs.

We need to sound the alarm and step up the pressure to stop this bill.

First, call your Senators today. Now we know what’s in this bill. We need to tell our Senators to oppose it!

Call both Texas Senators and urge them to reject this and any other health repeal bill as long as it (1) ends insurance for millions of people, (2) cuts Medicaid for children, seniors, pregnant women, and Texans with disabilities, (3) makes insurance less affordable for millions of low-and middle-income consumers, and (4) cuts billions in health care funding to pay for billions in tax cuts for large corporations and wealthy individuals. 

You can reach Senator Cruz at 877-398-0043 and Senator Cornyn at 877-345-4024.

Second, contact your friends, cousins, and old high school pals in the states with key Senators.

Tell them their Senators are one of the key votes on the bill. The states are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Here’s more information on “The Trumpcare Ten.”

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