Are You Ready for Texas Budget Season? An Infographic

If you’re a budget analyst like me, the summer before the Legislature meets is as exciting as watching a rodeo rider get ready for what’s always a wild ride.
Even if you’re not a budget analyst, it’s worth paying attention to how and where Texas lawmakers decide to invest the state and federal money that will make up the Texas budget for 2018 and 2019.
Whether it’s state aid for your children’s public school, health care access for you and your family or other key services, the investments leaders make now will have a big effect on Texans’ lives.
Understanding the steps of the Texas budget process can be daunting. We created this simple infographic to help demystify the process as we head into the 85th Legislative Session.
The infographic, and a more detailed guide, explain the key steps.
Click on the image below for full-size version. For bonus points, print one out and stick it on your wall. Let this graphic guide you through the Texas budget process.
Take a picture and tag @CPPP_TX and #txbudget on Twitter! Buckle up for budget season!
Infographic - Texas Budget Cycle - CPPP

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