Texans, regardless of where we were born or what we look like, believe in fairness and taking care of one another when the road gets rough.

We’re committed to one another’s common good. Yet, our state’s most powerful elected officials aren’t working for us — or our common good.

The most powerful elected officials in our state prove that they favor wealthy corporations over everyday Texans by rigging the system against working families of all backgrounds. These same officials have given billion-dollar tax giveaways to their friends in high places, while not doing their job to fund or responsibly manage the public goods and services that benefit us all, like public parks, libraries, schools, highways, and more.

Our valuable state workforce is made up of working people just like you and me.

But our elected officials are intentionally underfunding public services and the state’s workforce because they don’t want their wealthy friends to pay their fair share of taxes. This means the state government faces historically high staff turnover which limits our access to public goods and services in many ways. As Texas’ population grows, the hole that the greediest elected officials dug to bury all of us will only get deeper.
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How does Gov. Abbott’s agenda impact our daily lives? For you and your family, this may look like:
Texans know our worth. Together, we can fight back and win.

Our vision: A common good, for all of us, no matter our zip code, skin color, or native language.

Together, we can demand our powerful elected officials put hardworking Texan families first. Black, white or brown, Texans of all backgrounds deserve the chance to improve our lives and prosper together –– that means raising the bar for all of us.

High-quality public parks, schools, libraries, highways, and life-saving services benefit all of us.

Shorter wait times, less paperwork, and more public services that fit our needs and schedules.

A state workforce that is treated with dignity and paid for the value of their work for and in our communities.

High state employee turnover costs all of us!

Our policy solutions:

Prioritize people and working families in our state budget over greedy corporations and their billion dollar tax giveaways. This means making sure corporations pay the taxes they owe:

Treat our state employees, many of whom are our neighbors trying to make our communities stronger, with dignity and respect:

We’re uniting in action — join us!

Texans of all backgrounds, parents, workers, unions, and nonprofit organizations are joining together to demand our state government be accountable to us. YOU can take action!
Make your voice heard!
I care about our common good and believe hardworking Texan families of all backgrounds deserve dignity and respect. State workforce turnover costs all of us and blocks access to vital public services that benefit us all. Please support HB 202 to address unprecedented turnover in state government.

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