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Testimony Opposing HB 3924/SB 1973

HB 3924/SB 1973 would make preexisting condition discrimination legal once again for a certain type of health coverage. Nearly 9-in-10 Texans (88%) think health plans

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Testimony Opposing HB 3923

HB 3923 by Representative Oliverson seeks to align state law regarding association health plans – those offered by business or professional associations to their members

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Comments on HB 484

Every Texan is submitting these comments detailing the provisions of HB 484 and pilot concept which we would hope to see in a bill we

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Testimony Opposing HB 1886

Every Texan opposes HB 1886 by Noble as it misconstrues the fundamental purposes of the programs which it directs the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) to

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Comments Opposing HB 1369

Every Texan (formerly Center for Public Policy Priorities) respectfully submits these comments in opposition to HB 1369. The bill builds on Texas’ current “safe harbor”

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Testimony Supporting HB 290

House and Human Services Committee Staff: Every Texan strongly supports the Committee Substitute for HB 290 by Cortez, coauthored by Rose. This compromise substitute will

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Comments on SB 874

Every Texan is neutral on Senate Bill 874. The bill extends the temporary authority in Texas Insurance Code (TIC) Ch. 1510 for another 2-years, similar

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Comments Supporting HB 2761

Every Texan (formerly Center for Public Policy Priorities) supports HB 2761 because it will help consumers to make an informed choice when they pick health

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