Celebrating One Year of Marisa Bono’s Leadership

At Every Texan, we value equity and opportunity for Texans of all backgrounds and especially for those who need it most. Together, we envision a state where every Texan has the opportunity and resources to thrive. Today, we celebrate Marisa Bono’s first anniversary as Every Texan’s CEO. We’re proud to share this look back on Marisa’s first year at Every Texan and what we’ve accomplished together.

  • Every Texan spearheaded a special session win, protecting city and local governments statewide.
    • Texans believe our city and local governments should be able to respond to the needs of their constituents. State interference in local employee benefits was defeated (SB 14), which prohibited all local ordinances like rest breaks, paid leave, fair scheduling, fair chance hiring, and others died on the last day of the session.
  • Every Texan launched Fund Our Future and defeated the Chapter 313 corporate tax giveaway program.
    • Our state budget and tax policies are moral documents navigating how we prioritize people. With your support, Every Texan launched Fund Our Future, an advocacy campaign designed to educate and engage Texans in the critical tax policy issues that impact our daily lives. As a result of coordinated effort from Every Texan and key partners, the damaging and wasteful Chapter 313 corporate tax giveaway program will now expire in December 2022.
  • Every Texan is strategically working towards systemic change in our state’s public education system.
    • In light of the recent and unexpected outcry against recapture, which is our state’s primary tool for equitable school funding, Every Texan has designed a strategy including public events and media tours to combat attempts to deepen inequities in our school funding system. Every Texan also released a joint report with the Texas AFT on teachers’ salaries in Texas, arguing that absent significant statewide investment in public school funding, Texas is facing a retention crisis for certified teachers and qualified school staff.
  • Every Texan leads the Sick of It Texas (SOIT) Campaign towards success in the 2023 legislative session.
    • To capitalize on the opportunity to educate and enroll the three-quarters of a million Texans in the Medicaid coverage gap, the Sick of It Texas (SOIT) Campaign has conducted significant campaign planning and actions last period to mobilize and partner closely with the larger ecosystem of advocates, providers, community-based organizations, and navigators. Every Texan co-hosted a full-day coalition strategy session to discuss the necessary next steps to address the Medicaid coverage gap in Texas, both inside and outside of the 2023 legislative session.
  • Every Texan is proud to have honored Darren Walker as the 2021 Every Texan Legacy Award recipient for his steadfast commitment to social justice through philanthropy.
    • Our annual Texas Legacy event honors a remarkable Texan for their achievements in advancing equity and opportunity for Texans of all backgrounds. In 2021, Every Texan honored Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation and native Texan, with our Texas Legacy Award. The Legacy celebration continued when CEO Marisa Bono gathered with State Representatives Jasmine Crockett and James Talarico for a robust conversation on the public policies that will most improve the lives of everyday Texans.
  • Every Texan is union strong.
    • As a statewide organization, we lead by putting our policy ideals into practice. Every Texan has advocated for pro-worker policies at the state level for decades. Unionization at Every Texan is consistent with our support for policies like paid sick leave and higher minimum wages. Guaranteed benefits and wages at unionized workplaces have a positive knock-on effect for all workers: there’s a correlation between increased union membership and wage growth.

At Every Texan, we believe social justice requires public policy. Our state government must do a better job prioritizing people in our policy solutions–that’s why we’re here! Join us today in celebrating Marisa’s first year and all we’ve accomplished together with your donation to Every Texan. Regardless of our race, zip code, or background, Texans want and deserve well-funded public schools, affordable health care coverage, nutritious food, and dignified jobs. It will take all of us working together to make this a state where people from all backgrounds can thrive. Thank you for your support for Every Texan!

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