Understanding the Texas Budget Process: Infographic

Preparing a biennial budget for a state as big and fast-growing as Texas is no easy feat, and understanding the process can be daunting. We designed this simple infographic on the Texas budget cycle to help demystify the process as we head into the 84th Legislative Session. Have you wondered what the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) does, or what the Comptroller’s role is in the budget process? The infographic, and a two-page narrative guide for more depth, will answer those questions.
Agency budget hearings will wrap up by the end of October, but there’s another big moment looming on the horizon before the Legislative Session begins: setting the spending growth cap. In November or December the LBB will set the limit, which applies to certain revenue. To ensure a budget that invests sufficiently in the needs of Texans, it will be important for the LBB not to set an inflexible spending limit.
Click on the image below for full-size version.

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