Economic Issues for Texas Women 2020

At Every Texan, we were pleased to provide the research for the third edition of Economic Issues for Women in Texas, a new study by the Texas Women’s Foundation. This 2020 study takes a comprehensive look at four building blocks that are fundamental to the financial security of a woman and her family: child care, stable housing, education, and health insurance.

This study examines both policies and practices at the state level, while identifying areas where innovation and investment can help strengthen women and their families, while providing opportunity and equity for Texans of all backgrounds.

For example, while 1.4 times as many Texan women as men completed public college educations in 2018, the income gap between men and women of all races persists. In Texas, women earn $2.83 less than men per hour based on median hourly wages, and $10,137 less than men on average annually. Furthermore, Black women face the highest housing cost burden of all groups with over 40% of families led by Black women spend more than 30% of income on housing.The report recommends policies to improve equity by both race and gender, such as providing affordable childcare and housing, addressing student loan debt, and increasing access to health insurance.

The report is accompanied by a special website featuring audio and photo stories of women from across Texas sharing their lived experiences.

We encourage advocates to use the study—and its platform of specific recommendations and potential actions—with lawmakers, business, and community leaders to help shape policies and practices that impact women and girls.

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