Parity for Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder

Here’s how to fight back if your health insurance plan has denied services or has unequal coverage.

CPPP has created and compiled these resources to help individuals, behavior health providers, and advocates fight back when they see unequal coverage for mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

Consumer Parity Fact Sheet

File An Appeal:

File A Complaint:

Behavioral health providers play a key role in fighting back when insurance plans deny services or have unequal coverage. 

Behavioral Health Providers Fact Sheet

File A Complaint:

Empower Patients:

Appeal Better:

Advocates and community organizations can help people fight back when insurance plans deny services or have unequal coverage.

Advocates & Community Organizations Parity Fact Sheet

Empower Consumers:

File A Complaint:

Improve the System:

View PowerPoint slides from our Parity Webinar.

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