What’s Next for the Affordable Care Act?

Given the results of the national election, we know that many people concerned with Texans’ access to quality health coverage under the Affordable Care Act are uncertain about the future availability of coverage.
It’s too early to predict what policy changes Texas and the rest of the country might see, but here are some things to remember:
*Open enrollment for 2017 under the Affordable Care Act continues. If you enroll by December 15th, your coverage will begin January 1st.
*We do not expect a rapid change that would leave millions without coverage or care in 2017. Such a drastic change would hit the insurance industry and health care providers hard as well. One of the hallmarks of our American political system is the peaceful transition of power. Sweeping, overnight changes are not the norm in U.S. government.
*While we must wait for more details of the new administration’s healthcare plan, the president-elect’s campaign platform called for “repeal & replace.” As a candidate, he said indicated that he wants every American to be covered.
*Increasing access to health care for all Texans remains a core value for all of us who work in the health sphere. We will continue to advocate for consistent access to affordable preventive, primary, and specialty care for all.
Our primary focus at this moment is continues to be on ensuring that Texans know what their options are for affordable coverage for 2017.
As a consumer advocacy organization that fights every day to make sure that Texans have a say in decisions that affect their health, the Center for Public Policy Priorities encourages you to share your support for the Affordable Care Act with your public officials. Go to www.covertexasnow.org to learn more.

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