Texas Health Care Guide Helps Consumers

Today CPPP debuted the Texas Health Care Guide to help Texans navigate their options for affordable health coverage. The new website helps users find expert resources on how to apply for coverage, how to choose a plan, how to use and understand insurance, and much more.
Texans have more options than ever to access affordable health coverage. With options like Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), subsidized insurance from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace, and insurance offers from employers to consider, identifying and maintaining health care coverage is no simple task.
“We created TexasHealthCareGuide.org to serve as a GPS to connect Texans to the range of players out there navigating Texans through the process of finding, enrolling, and keeping their health care coverage,” said CPPP Associate Director Anne Dunkelberg.
The Guide connects consumers to numerous resources across the state and beyond, including information on how and where to get in-person help enrolling and tips about who can help along the way. The website also includes special targeted resources for the enrollment assisters who are helping Texans enroll in health coverage.
Finding and enrolling in health coverage is the first step, but we’ve also provided information to help Texans understand how their insurance works and how to use it, and how to get assistance if they have trouble. There’s also information on how to get access health care if you lack insurance.
Texas is the state with the highest number of uninsured residents, and with the Texas Health Care Guide, we hope to provide more Texans with the information they need to find the best and most affordable health coverage options available to them.
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CPPP Associate Director Anne Dunkelberg and Health and Wellness Outreach Coordinator Melissa McChesney contributed to this post.

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