Know Before You Vote: Props 1 and 7

Early voting begins October 19 for the upcoming statewide elections, where Texans will vote on seven proposed constitutional amendments.
CPPP encourages all Texans to learn about the implications of these proposed amendments for the future prosperity of our state. CPPP has a new breakdown of the impacts of Proposition 1, which would increase the homestead exemption amount for school property taxes; and Proposition 7, which would dedicate some tax revenue to the State Highway Fund.
Why focus on Propositions 1 and 7? Because together with recent Legislative corporate tax cuts these two propositions affect Texas leaders’ future ability to invest in the most pressing needs of the state.
In the last Legislative Session, Texas lawmakers passed a budget that threatens our future by failing to provide adequate support for public schools, colleges and universities, and health care. In fact, the budget failed to even bring funding levels back to what they were before the painful 2011 budget cuts. Instead, lawmakers approved a $2.6 billion corporate franchise tax cut and asked voters to approve diverting at least $5 billion in existing revenue to roads.
In time for early voting we’re releasing Know Before You Vote: November Ballot Propositions 1 and 7. For each proposition we’ve provided a description, the costs to the state, and an analysis of the background and analysis of the amendment’s impact on state residents and the state budget.

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