My Favorite Day of the Year

The CPPP Legacy Luncheon is one of my favorite days of the year because it’s a room filled with hundreds of smart people who share CPPP’s vision for Texas. It’s hard work pounding the marble floors under the pink Capitol dome all legislative session promoting policies that will make Texas the best state for hard-working people and their families. And who doesn’t love a good party?
While the Legislature left a disappointing record for expanding economic opportunity, ensuring health and wellness, and investing in Texas, there is still cause to celebrate. CPPP made progress on a number of important goals this session and stopped some very bad bills. With our many partners, CPPP:
*Expanded consumer protections against surprise medical bills
*Secured funding for a mental health peer-support pilot program
*Defeated a bill to put seriously ill undocumented children lower than U.S. citizens on a special health care needs waiting list
*Repealed the lifetime ban for food assistance (SNAP) for drug felons
*Enhanced access to pre-K
*Passed College Savings Accounts legislation
*Passed legislation to invest and protect a portion of the Rainy Day Fund
*Defeated attempts to further restrict the constitutional spending limit
At a time when the legislative priorities outlined by state leaders can be polarizing or even discriminatory , CPPP’s focus on the policies that matter make us more relevant than ever.
At this week’s Legacy Luncheon we honored Ambassador Ron Kirk as our 2015 Texas Legacy. Ron grew up on the east side of Austin within view of the Texas Capitol – the sheer size of which no doubt shaped Ron’s Texas-sized personality. We also recognized a remarkable young leader, Karla Quetzalli Perez, with our Future of Texas Award. A model for why immigrants are essential to the fabric and economy of Texas, Karla worked with a diverse coalition to protect in-state tuition for immigrant students.
Inspired by Ron Kirk, Karla Perez, and so many other Texans of all ages and backgrounds, CPPP remains committed to a Texas that embraces our collective strength and diversity, and where everyone has a chance to compete and succeed in life.
P.S. If you couldn’t make it to the luncheon, never fear. Stay tuned to hear about more events we will hold around the state. I invite you to send a donation in honor of Ron, Karla and the Texans fighting to make this state even better. Thank you.

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