Message From Scott McCown: District Court Agrees Texas Is Not Investing Enough in Education

(AUSTIN, Texas)—February 4, 2013—The Center for Public Policy Priorities Executive Director F. Scott McCown, retired state district judge who presided over the Edgewood school finance lawsuit, released the following statement regarding the ruling by State District Judge John Dietz on whether Texas is meeting its state constitutional requirements to provide an equitable and adequate education to all students.
“The district court’s strong ruling confirms what we already know. We aren’t investing enough in education. We aren’t dividing what we do spend fairly between school districts. And the state is forcing local property taxes up because it won’t pay its share of the cost of education.
“The Legislature should act now rather than wait for the Supreme Court to affirm the district court. Kids are suffering from insufficient resources unfairly divided. There is no good reason to delay fixing the problem.”

— CPPP —

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